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09.06.2024 – I just wanted to send along a big thank you to Mr. Eugene Duggan for researching and writing this piece – “Clann an Bhaird. I have always wondered how the Ward Clann fell on such hard times. I always believed it was the Cromwellian confiscations, but I never knew the O’Kelly’s played a big roll in taking lands from the Sogain. It was a very interesting read, and I believe there’s a book in there concerning the Sogain tribes.

Hi Finbarr, I’m delighted to see it all coming along so beautifully. I pop on to the website every now and then to update the software, make little tweaks as software changes and just check everything is ok. I usually get distracted by one story and then another and find myself having to drag myself away. Your stories are ever so pleasant to read and there is a very nice feeling (difficult to describe!) as one skips from page to page. Aye… www.athenry.org is something to by proud of Finbarr.

Dear Finbarr, I hope you’re doing very well! My name is B. McG. and I’m an American, living outside of Boston. I’m writing because I came upon your excellent site thanks to the outstanding article on Monivea by Virginia Moyles. Your website is a rich tapestry of history, insights, and information, and it’s been a pleasure to read. Thank you for it!


Belated congratulations to you for the really informative, interesting, and educationally enriching website on Athenry and its surrounds

Your students were fortunate to have had such a stimulating education.  I trust they appreciated it.

At one stage when I was teaching in Pats Primary school I spent about a week or two exposing the kids to European myths, currencies, geography etc at a time when Ireland was about to join the EEC as it was then.  At the end of his teaching practice week, a student from the college thanked me and then asked did I do any real teaching!

Views on quality education differed then as they do now.

Very well done.

I really enjoyed and admired the work

All the best


Good News! Thank you very much Finbarr!

Great to read a fact-based online historical database that is meticulously and professionally researched, always informative.


Hi Finbarr,

Thanks for including me on your distribution list!
I am looking forward to perusing the website with the children.
So far I have read Michael’s very fitting introduction to the editor, it is so well put!
Well done and thank you for putting it all together.
I hope that you and all the family are well.
Very best wishes

Congratulations Finbarr.
Great improvement on the old website, easy to navigate and makes a fantastic read for anyone from Athenry.
Best regards

Finbarr, a chara.

Congratulations on your newly titled and revamped website, which I’ve just come across via the ‘Athenry that was’ Facebook page. It looks fabulous and I’m delighted to know you are keeping the flag flying. I look forward to combing carefully through the website later.

Coinnigh ort, Finbarr.

Best wishes to you and your family.


Hi Finbar
Delighted to receive your Email this morning on your Web site on Athenry and surroundings.
It is a credit to you for having the foresight to record the history of your town for the current and future generations.

I was drawn to the feature on the writer Mary Lavin as I recall meeting her with my mother Mary Josephine Higgins from Athenry in Bewleys Cafe in Dublin when I was younger. I am only starting to read her books now! Also the book on The Galway Sheep Society as my grandfather TB Higgins is mentioned as he was one of the founders.
The most recent book I published was The Dublin Horse Show and I mentioned the influence my mother and my Uncle Brendan had on me where horses are concerned and also included a photo of my grandfather with his Galway Sheep at the RDS Spring Show.
Congrats again
Best Wishes
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Thank you to Finbarr and all the writers for your dedication and hard work. It is a real pleasure to read the stories from local people here in Athenry. I am learning a great deal indeed.