An Irish Woman in Czarist Russia

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Kathleen Ffrench, of Monivea, County Galway, lived a storybook life – a life of opulence in a world on the brink of destruction. In the 1917 Russian Revolution she was lucky to survive the brutality of Bolshevik prisons

This book reveals the impact of social, cultural and political changes in Russia and Ireland, as experienced in the life of Kathleen ffrench, 1864-1938. Strong spirited, bold Kathleen is raised in an international lifestyle with many luxuries, studying in Italy, traveling throughout Europe, managing family estates in the Volga and inheriting her father’s castle in Galway. In life and love she experiences great gains and losses. Under the “skin of aristocracy” are many family hurdles, financial crisis and scandals. While managing these challenges, Kathleen confronts the cruelty and terror of war as Stalin’s forces take hold in Simbirsk–leading her eventually to Manchuria, China to escape the horrors of Bolshevik prisons, and later into Eastern Siberia to search for her lover, missing during the war.

Jean Lombard, Author

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About this publication

Written by Jean Lombard

Published by Ashfield Press

Published here 21 Mar 2021 and originally published 2010

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