The Dublin Lockout, 1913

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The Dublin Lockout of 1913 stands out as the greatest monument to class division and worker’s rights in modern Irish history. In this powerful and thought-provoking collection, the high-profile list of contributors to The Dublin Lockout, 1913 uncover the radical momentum within Dublin at the time, its effects internationally, and its paramount example in shaping political activism within Ireland to this day.

This book explodes all preconceptions of the Lockout’s legacy, of the beleaguered yet dignified workers who stood up to the greed of their Irish masters, uncovering the truths that were too fraught with trauma, shame and political tension to remain within popular memory-the bloody and bitter animosity that inspired Yeats’s famous refrain, Romantic Ireland’s Dead and Gone.

This vital book reveals the immediate impact of the industrial dispute, but also its enduring lessons through the First World War, the Easter Rising, the birth of the Irish Free State and how it governs activism today. Only now, in this book, is the pivotal class war recognized for what it was: inspiring, shocking, and the nearest thing Ireland had to a debate on the type of society that was wanted by its citizens. [Subject: History, Labor History, Irish Studies, Dublin]

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About this publication

Written by Conor McNamara and Padraig Yeates

Published by Irish Academic Press

Published here 18 Oct 2023 and originally published 2017

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