The Galway Blazers – Memoirs

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This book gives a vivid insight into the life of generations of Galway foxhunters, and the Society to which they belonged. Brigadier Mahony gives a detailed history of the hunt from the first decade of the 19th century up to the present day. An appendix at the end of the book contains written souvenirs from the annual Hunt Ball; information on other hunts near Galway; By-laws of the organization; and a list of former masters and joint masters of the Blazers. The book is illustrated with many photographs of the Blazers and its participants, past and present; portraits of prominent members; the hounds and foxes in action; various maps and much more.

Edmund Mahony was a lifelong foxhunter whose family has been associated with the Galway Blazers for generations!

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About this publication

Written by Edmund Mahony

Published by Kennys Galway

Published here 03 Feb 2021 and originally published 1989

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