The Independence Struggle in County Galway 1916-1923 A Research Guide

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This landmark publication has been designed to empower researchers, school, community and heritage groups, and indeed, anyone with an interest in Galway history and the independence struggle in Ireland. Comprising a detailed guide to beginning the research journey and navigating a complex array of archives, newspapers and other official sources, this book will be an invaluable aid to carrying out historical research for anyone interested in the momentous events that shaped our society over one hundred years ago. Presented in an approachable format, this publication will be an vital tool for generations of researchers interested in exploring events in County Galway during a tumultuous period in our history.

The author is Galway Historian-in-Residence, Dr Conor McNamara. Dr McNamara has published five books on the history of the Irish revolution and has been the recipient of a number of national awards. In 2009, he was awarded the annual National Library of Ireland, History Fellowship. In 2015 he was awarded the NUI Galway, 1916 Scholar-in-Residence. He has also been a visiting fellow at the Moore Institute for the Humanities at NUI Galway. In 2017, he published his fourth book, War and Revolution in the West of Ireland, Galway 1913~22 with Irish Academic Press. He has contributed to numerous collections, including the landmark publication, The Atlas of the Irish Revolution (Cork University Press). His latest study, Liam Mellows, Soldier of the Irish Republic, Selected Writings, 1914~22 was recently published by Irish Academic Press. He has taught at NUI Galway and the University of Minnesota, Dublin Study Centre. He is originally from Athenry, County Galway,

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About this publication

Written by Conor McNamara

Published by Galway County Council Heritage Office

Published here 18 Oct 2023

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