Turoe and Athenry: Ancient Capitals of Ireland

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Irish-born author Tom O Connor worked as a boy in the green fields round Athenry and Turoe where he learned the surprising archaic history of the surrounding Celtic landscape, eventually, after 40 years of intensive research, authoring ‘Hand of History Burden of Pseudo History’ (www.handofhistory.com ) and ‘Ireland’s Queen Maeve’ (Kindle ebook).

O’Connor says “I found several archaic references to Galway’s Turoe-Knocknadala-Athenry oppida complexes, the most famous being that of the renowned Greek Geographer, Ptolemy of Alexandria (his Regia E Te[mh]ra, Nag na Tal and Auteiri). I drew heavily on several published works, particularly on the extensive research and excavation of British oppida from which segments of their Celic populations migrated to these oppida settlement areas in Western Ireland. Segments of the linear defensive systems around these oppida are shown on Ordnance Survey maps, unrecognized for what they represent. My books underline their true startling significance”.

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Written by Tom O'Connor

Published here 03 Feb 2021 and originally published 2003

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