A Sprint – Christmas 2000

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Martina Mc Carthy, Oranmore was a member of Athenry Athletics Club

I wrote my poem about an eighteen year old girl from Oranmore who qualified for the Olympics in Sidney.

She made history in being the first Olympian from Oranmore. She has since completed at the World Junior Championships in Chile Where she came in a credible eighth while setting a personal best also.

This is my poem: A Sprint

From Oranmore to Sydney is but a sprint

Anything is possible if you ’re hell bent

The local run round will yet earn a pound

A first in Mosney at the tender age of eight

Was yet to open a very big gate

Anything is possible just take my advice

You out there whatever your dream

Keep plodding along you will make that team

Thank God for good coaches Mary Kelly and Jim

They taught me a lot don’t ever give in

To succeed in life is always a fight

Never think this day will bring you no light

My mind wanders on as I sprint on the tartan

As I dream of success sure my life’s only starting

Anything is possible don’t ever think not

I’m all for giving everything my best shot

The day I did qualify was to change my whole life

Put college on hold and now book my flight.

All the sacrifice I made the pain it will fade

Anything is possible we must all agree

Our forefathers fought for us all to feel free

The long flight to Sydney will stay in my mind

No matter in life what else that I find

Rebok or Nike who cares what I wear

The records will show I was there

4×400 run in Sidney was to earn a big Party

For Oranmore’s hero Martina McCarthy

– –

About this record

Written by Eileen Murray, Oranmore

Published here 10 May 2023 and originally published Christmas 2000

– –