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Joe Corbett, Chairman Newcastle, Community Council

Husband, Father, Brother and Friend.

Maureen rang me at 6 am California time, Sunday. I knew by her voice there was a major problem she said, “Sit down”. I knew it was a death and I guessed twenty people – not Joe.

To me, since I was a boy, he was a kind of hero. Always best at school and yet so nice, an ordinary guy. He was the last friend we met when going to England in 1960, he wrote to us regularly and even came to visit Michael Jordan and myself in Manchester.

He was so nice to his uncle Bill; so nice to his mother and father up until their death; so nice to his brothers and sisters, his own, and their in-laws and friends.

So nice and helpful to his neighbours and friends; so good to our community and proud of being Chairman of our Community Council.

His big worry prior to his death was to complete the work on the Temple Moyle graveyard and roads. He never neglected, with Kathleen, to look after the church. He always seemed to have a special place for Maureen and myself, and we feel proud of that.

You could meet Joe and be full of problems but he would surely turn you ‘round with a yarn or maybe a bar of a song.

He often told me how lucky he was in life by marrying Kathleen, whom he loved dearly. He was proud of their daughters Paula, Karen and Colette and their friends and took a keen interest in their schooling and work prospects.

I feel that Newcastle and Athenry areas and all who were lucky enough to know Joe have suffered a great loss. But, Joe would not want us to be sad today rather we should be glad to have known him.

This tribute to the late Joe Corbett was penned by his lifelong friend, Peadar Monaghan in California. It was delivered at the funeral Mass.

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About this record

Written by Peadar Monaghan

Published here 27 Oct 2022 and originally published 1995

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