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Aggie Qualter - Athenry after Cromwell



About 1655 – According the Downe Survey

St. Mary’s Parish Church was in  ruins. I believe the original entrance was from North Gate Street.

Town house, where Paddy Gardiner’s Yard is now, one stone house (thatched) and  five cabins around the Ulster Bank and on left of Church Gate.

Abbey Lane, now Bridge Street, 8 thatched cabins and com mill.

Small Castle without loft or roof.

Abbey (Priory) much out of repair, roofs wanting shingling.

Town Jail on grounds of Telecom Exchange, 2 stone houses and 6 thatched cabins from Jail towards the Square.

North Gate St. 5 thatched cabins.

Old Church St. 6 small thatched cabins, 1 small stone house.

Around Swan Gate 10 thatched cabins, 1 stone house without roof.

On Spittal Lands ruined Church and the ruins of the poor-house, then called “The Spittal” (Ivymount I believe).

Total Picture of Athenry – 40 cabins, 4 stone thatched houses, 1 stone house in ruins.

In one of his lectures (1984) Prof. Rynne said, that the de Berminghams got ‘fed up’ living in the Castle and left to live in a house at the Square. More than likely this is “The Town House” on the Downes Survey Map.

From the book – “Athenry, History from 1780, Folklore and Recollections” by Aggie Qualter, March 1989

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Written by Aggie Qualter

Published here 09 May 2022 and originally published March 1989

Page 0023 of Athenry History

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