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Compliments of NYC Parks

Rockaway Beach, Long Island

When I was a young toddler, at the age of two my family and I headed off to New York.  What I remember about New York was that it had a vast store of interesting places and events.

We lived in a large two-family home situated on the bay and four blocks from the beach.  In total I lived there for seven wonderful years. The area is known as Rockaway Beach, a small peninsula south of Long Island.  As our house over – looked the bay, the view of New York city and the bay below it was breath-taking.  I went to a school that was called P.S. 117 which had all different ethnic groups.

Every summer a block party was held on our street.  A block party consists of amusements for the children, barbecues and music.  This type of party was held for residents to get to know one another.  I recall it being a blast.

My parish was known as Saint Francis de Sales.  This was where I was taught my religion as it was not taught in my school.

I also participated in a few sports such as baseball and tennis.  Baseball is America’s favourite pastime.  At the age of five I started playing T – Ball in the Rockaway League. I progressed to Little League.  At six years of age I started playing tennis in Breezy Point.  In winter my family went skiing in Pennsylvania.  It was very enjoyable.

There are some famous sites my family and 1 have visited such as the Twin Towers, The Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty.  It was difficult to get in as it was packed with tourists.

In summer the weather was very warm with temperatures soaring to 90′ Fahrenheit.  In winter the weather was very cold dropping to 5′ Fahrenheit.  New York is an amazing city to live in.  It is the Big Apple because everyone likes to get a bite out of it. I would like to visit America once more but not to live there as Ireland is my home country.

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About this record

Written by Eoghan OHehir

Published here 18 Apr 2023 and originally published Christmas 1998

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