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Athenry Active Retirement Association was founded in May 2000.

The group meets in the Newpark Hotel every Friday at one o’clock for coffee and a chat and to discuss any relevant issues. Since its foundation the members have enjoyed a varied programme of activities including outings to the theatre and the cinema and day trips.

The Bowling Club was set up in October 2001. It meets every Wednesday at 7 3Op.m. and every Friday at the Community Hall in Clarke St. Last year we took part in a bowling competition sponsored by the Renmore A.R.R.A. and one of our teams reached the semi-final.

New members are always welcome. Last year some members took part in an eight-week aquarobics course at the Kingfisher club in Renmore. They enjoyed it so much that they are repeating the course this year. The association is also sponsoring a member to take French lessons and one member for swimming sessions.

ln October the Western group of Associations held an A.R.R.A.-Go-on week, which consisted of most of the groups hosting an event in their own areas and inviting other groups. We in Athenry hosted a conducted tour of the heritage centre and the castle and lunch afterwards in the Newpark Hotel. It was a very successful day. At the end of the week our group then travelled to Pontoon Bridge to join up with other Active Retirement Associations in the West for lunch and a final day of celebrations.

This year the association ran a very successful art and flower auction in the Castlegate Hotel in aid of the Special Olympics and raised over €4000.00, which helped sponsor an athlete at the games.

If it you are retired and with no intention of letting the grass grow from under your feet you might be interested in Active Retirement.

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About this record

Written by Evelyn Hoare

Published here 08 Dec 2023 and originally published Spring 2004

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