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Who are we? The Athenry Area Development Company (ADC) was set up in 1996 to promote community development through the facilitation of economic and social progress in Athenry and the surrounding area. It has a broad community base of approximately three hundred members throughout the parishes of Athenry and Newcastle. lt provides a vibrant, responsive resource for the whole community. The ADC works closely with other groups in Athenry such as the Community Council and the Heritage Centre.

The Committee

The ADC is managed by a voluntary Executive Committee of local people representing all aspects of the Athenry community. Peadar Monaghan is the current Chairman, Cait Curran is the Secretary and John Kennedy is the Treasurer.

The ADC Office

The ADC Office is based in the Railway Buildings in Station Road and is open Monday to Friday — 9am to 5pm. The Project Manager is Bernadette O’Shea and her responsibility is to manage the day-to-day operations of the ADC and to develop and implement ideas and projects. Working with Bernadette are two Administrative Assistants — Barbara Gibbons and Helen McDonagh — both of whom are essential to the daily running of the office. Barbara and Helen are on reception and would be the first contact with members of the public.

The Volunteers

As well as a Voluntary Executive Committee, the ADC is fortunate enough to have people who volunteer their time to help out on various projects. Two of these volunteers, Gerry Ahern and Ned Waldron, are pictured elsewhere. They provide the ADC with time, knowledge and expertise on a regular basis.


As a voluntary organisation, the ADC relies on various sources of funding. One of the important sources is contributions from our members. The membership of the ADC has a broad base representing all aspects of the Athenry and Newcastle Parishes. The ADC will shortly have a membership drive and will be contacting the parish to outline the benefits of membership.

What does the ADC actually do?

The ADC is a community resource for organisations, groups and individuals in the Athenry parish. Some of the current ongoing projects are:

The creation of a Community Based Information Technology Centre

The proposed development of a Community Enterprise Centre working with the County Council on the development of a Re-cycling Centre

Administering the work of the Athenry Social Housing Company

Publication of the Athenry Journal

In addition to these projects. The ADC works with Galway Council and local groups on the enhancement of life in Athenry, for example:

The new proposed one-way traffic system

The rail submission for the commuter link between Athenry and Galway

Working with the Community Warden regarding the litter problems in Athenry

The ADC also works constantly with local groups and individuals who need advice and help on how to seek funding, whether it is a playgroup or starting your own business.

The Social Economy

Recently, the ADC was successful in receiving funding from FÁS for a Social Economy Programme. This programme will be implemented shortly and will provide 7 new jobs in Athenry.

What Can the ADC do for you?

The door of the ADC is open to everyone five days a week. It is there as a resource for you to use.

If you are thinking of starting your own business and don’t know where to go, we will help you!

If you are a community group and need advice on seeking funds, we will help you

If you need any office services, we can help you

If you need any general advice, we will point you in the right direction

So, we look forward to seeing you at ADC House, Station Road! Drop in and have a chat!

Editor’s Note, 2023: Athenry ADC, now has its office in McDonald’s Lane, Athenry

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About this record

Written by Gerry Ahern

Published here 17 Jul 2023 and originally published Summer 2002

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