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Athenry ADC is busy with some exciting projects on hand!

Flying Fortress Athenry 1943

Athenry ADC acted as a facilitator for the “Flying Fortress Athenry 1943” project which was successfully completed on 6 December 2003 with the launch of the commemorative book “Eagles Over Ireland” by Paul Browne, now on sale in local shops.

The launch of the book at Mellows College was a great day and Athenry was honoured by a visit from His Excellency Mr James C. Kenny, Ambassador for the United States of America in Ireland.

Since taking office, this was the Ambassador’s first visit to the West of Ireland and he expressed his delight at the welcome he received and in particular the fabulous hospitality at the New Park Hotel.

Ambassador Kenny was very impressed with the whole Flying Fortress Project and said he would give his first copy of the book to his good friend Col Colin Powell. The Ambassador promised to come back to Athenry and hopes to open the permanent exhibition in Athenry.

Athenry Business, Trade and Services Directory

Athenry ADC is currently working on the publication of a local Business, Trade and Services Directory and this will be in the shops soon. With all the new housing developments, this Directory will inform new residents where they can access local business.

Facilitating a Conservation Plan for Athenry

Athenry ADC is facilitating the development of a Conservation Plan for the Athenry Parish to ensure that our heritage and natural environments are protected; A submission was made to the Galway County Council Heritage Strategy.

Membership Campaign

Here at the Athenry Development Company we are continuing to Work hard on your behalf. Our remit is to undertake the community work that you would like to do, but due to work and family commitments are too busy to take on. To enable us to do this, we, of course, continue to need funds and whilst we work hard to lever in money from a range of external sources, support from the local community is crucial. We will shortly launch an ADC membership campaign and would ask you all to demonstrate a commitment to the continued development of the Athenry community by becoming a member of the organisation.

Facillitating the restoration of the Athenry Chamber of Commerce

Athenry ADC has been instrumental in the facillitation of the restoration of Athenry Junior Chamber of Commerce. This valuable organisation has a newly elected commitee

Improving Quality of Life in Athenry

The ADC office still works very closely with Galway County Council officials on various infrastructure and environmental issues for Athenry. Some of the projects that we have been working on include:

The introduction of the new one-way traffic system which has proved to be a success.

Restoring cobblestones to Athenry pavements.
Lobbying for proper footpaths at the railway bridges.
New Public Lighting
Ensuring proper Car Park facilities

Athenry Community Maintenance Service

Do you need any maintenance work done at very reasonable rates? The Athenry Community Maintenance Service under the supervision of Pat Higgins provides a good reliable service of high quality at reasonable rates.

West-0n- Track Campaign

The ADC office played a central part in the West=on=Track campaign for Athenry. The office distributed leaflets, postcards and collected signatures.

What can Athenry ADC do for you?

The door of the ADC is open to everyone five days a week. it is there as a resource for you to use. If you are thinking of starting your own business, and don’t know where to go, we will help you. If you are a community group and need advice on seeking funds, we will help you. If you need any office services, we can help you. If you need any general advice, we will point you in the right direction. So, we look forward to seeing you at ADC House, Station Road, Athenry.

Athenry Community Information Technology Centre is Now Open

Athenry ADC is delighted to announce the opening of a new Community Information Technology Centre. This state-of-the-art facility will give you the opportunity to learn everything you ever wanted to know about computers. If you have no knowledge of computers, but always wanted learn come and see us in ADC House. We have a range of courses to suit your business needs.

This professional facility also provides tailor-made courses for business clients. It is a proven fact that most businesses do not use their technology efficiently. Come and use this great new community facility based in ADC House, Station Road, Athenry.

For further information call into ADC House, or telephone O91845422 or email us at

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About this record

Written by Bernadette O’Shea, Manager ADC

Published here 20 Oct 2023 and originally published Spring 2004

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