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Athenry Community Council is continuing its twenty-five years tradition of representing the people of the parish and helping to provide community facilities for the use by the local community.

In the past years we have meet numerous outside bodies on our own or as part of a wider delegation. We made submission on a number of issues to the relevant authorities. On the new M6 Dublin-Galway motorway we demanded direct access to the new road at the town and as a result of discussions since we are confident of a positive outcome.

We took a fine stand towards the sale of part of the Back Lawn. Movement on this issue is probably dependant on the question of rezoning which will be decided on in the Town Plan presently before Galway Co. Council.

The traffic situation and the need for parking is presently been discussed and meeting has taken place with Galway Co. Co. Roads Dept. and a meeting with senior Gardaí members to discuss a one-way traffic system is planned for December.

The need for a children’s play-ground is obvious. Having to travel to Oranmore, Loughrea or Tuam to visit a play area cannot continue especially with the rapid growth in the area urban and rural.

Last year the community implemented the first phase of the Christmas Lighting Plan with a tree and a number of light features around the town. We felt that it was very successful and we would like to thank again all of those who allowed us to erect lights on their property and for providing power, without the good will of the people living and operating business on these streets any meaningful lights project would be impossible. It costs approximately £7000 to buy and erect last year’s lights. It would have been a lot more had it not been for an excellent deal offered to the community council by O’Dowd-Betty who supplied the lights. Approximately £5000 was raised in special fundraising to cover most of the cost greatly helped by a donation of £1000 From Fahy’s Centra. To all who contributed many thanks.

This year we expect to spend a further £5000 approx. extending the lights further. We hope subject of course to the agreement of residents and property owners to put strands of lights on the front of the buildings on both sides of the main streets, for those who would like to contribute towards the lights fund we have collection boxes in most pubs and businesses or contributions can be passed on to any member of the community council. All donations will be acknowledged.

Support for our weekly lotto also help fund all of our activities. Plans to provide a new community centre are making steady progress. We are in discussion with other groups who wish to make use of a new hall. The present hall is in Clarke St. is no longer adequate to serve a growing community. Despite its limitations is used six days a week at present which shows an urgent need for new facilities.

These are just some of the issues discussed at the community council meetings. Other examples, the lack of a Gardai presence in the area, problems regarding litter, speed limits, state of the roads etc are regularly brought up with representations been made to the relevant authorities .

Officers elected at the recent AGM:

Chairperson: Peter Feeney

Vice Chairperson: Martin O’Grady

Secretary: Chris Flannery

Assistant Sec: Kevin Devalley

Treasurer: Bridie Fahy

Asst. Treasurer: Anne Fahy

PRO. Fr John O’Gorman

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About this record

Written by Peter Feeney

Published here 12 Jul 2023 and originally published Christmas 2001

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