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In 1997 Athenry Community Council invited the seven County Councillors for the Loughrea Electoral Area and the four TDs for this constituency to its monthly meeting. Prior to this Community Council members had drawn up a list of projects which needed to be done within the parish. At the meeting the public representatives advised the Council on which projects to prioritise. Since September Council officers have met our TDs and also formed a deputation to Galway County Council where they met the County Manager, Council officials and our electoral area representatives. The first project the Council decided to actively pursue was the provision of a link between the Ballygurrane road and the I.D.A Industrial Estate. Conscious of Athenry’s chronic traffic congestion it was felt that this would relieve the town centre of many heavy goods vehicles (I believe this idea has been suggested as far back as the time of the setting up of the Athenry Co-op Mart) Galway County Council applied to the Department of the Environment for funding of £100,000 for the Athenry Relief Road Phase 1 and this was granted by the Minister in January. This initial funding is for planning and land acquisition. The whole project is expanded to cost £200,000. The Council would like to thank all our public representatives and the County Council for actively pursuing this issue resulting in the granting of funding.

The Community Council now intends to campaign for the provision of footbridge alongside the railway bridges at the Railway station, Caheroyan and Prospect as the three bridges are very hazardous for pedestrians.

We decided to invite our public representatives to a meeting every six months, the second meeting took place in December. At the meeting the Council endorsed a public lighting plan for the town of Athenry which was drawn up by Athenry Project Society. It involves three phases.

Phase I: Decorative public lighting, 17 wall mounted lantern and 17 free standing lanterns for the centre of the town at a cost of £34,100.

Phase II: Additional Public lighting for town areas outside the ancient walls of Athenry including railway bridges, Station Rd, Caheroyan Avenue, Ballydavid, Arch Car Park, Dublin Rd, Cemetery Cross, Ballygurrane Rd, Newford, Prospect, Swangate at a cost of £5,738.

Phase III: Provision of six public lights in the Car Park adjoining Athenry church, Cost £6,000.

We are very grateful to Athenry Project Society for compiling the plan, the Community Council and Athenry A.D.C are actively pursuing its implementation at the moment County Councillors also emphasised the need for a footpath plan, phased and costed, which will be drawn up in the coming months.

The Council has decided to explore the possibility of building a new Community Centre on the Councils property at Knockaunglas. It is felt that Athenry Community Hall does not fulfil the present or future needs of the community. At the moment all groups within the parish are being consulted as to how they would see a new Community Centre fulfilling their needs. Once submissions have been received, the building will be costed along with projections for the future running costs. Having studied the proposal, the Community Council will decide whether to go ahead with the project. It is important to emphasise that if the Community Council decided to go ahead with the project the Community Hall would remain in use until the new centre is built.

Participation by Coldwood National School over the last year in the Community Councils Lotto has yielded the school £1,800 for its own use. It functions on the basis of the school keeping 50% of the proceeds of tickets sold each week. The school does not have to carry any of the lotto’s running costs.

The Council would like to welcome recent participation of Athenry Boy’s National School in our Lotto on the same basis as that of Coldwood and would also welcome the participation of other schools. Clubs are also welcome to join. Athenry Soccer Club is participating for over a year. The Lotto funds help cover the Council’s running cost and will fund future projects but we also like to see it helping other clubs and schools as other forms of fund raising can be very time consuming.

Bingo has returned to the Community Hall on Wednesday nights on the basis that the prize money given depends on the amount taken in each night. It is very successful at the moment. A dance which was held in Dobbyn and Coffey’s on 16th March was very successful. We would like to thank our sponsors and Dobbyn and Coffey’s for the use of the premises. Music was provided by Shilelagh. The officers would like to thank everybody who supports our Lotto and Bingo and all members who work tirelessly for the good of the Council and the Community.

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About this record

Written by Gerry Burke

Published here 22 Mar 2023 and originally published Easter 1998

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