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The Community Council has just learned that its application for funding from Galway Rural Development for a feasibility study towards a new community centre has been approved.

As a result, work on the study will commence in early August.

The study will establish the needs of the many different groups and organisations within the Athenry area. It will also serve to create an awareness in the parish and surrounding area regarding community needs and the provision of facilities for the future.

A Community Council sub-committee was set up to explore all the implications of the plan for a new centre. The members of the sub-committee are : Martin O‘Grady, Peter Feeney, Chris Flannery, Gerard O’Brien, Margaret Cotter, Sean Lawless, Joe Dennison, Fiona McCann and Joe Tighe.

At an early stage the committee drew up a Vision Statement outlining the Community Council’s view of what a new centre should mean to the area.

Vision statement: Feasibility Study into building of New Hall to go ahead!

1. We want a real community centre, professionally managed and marketed, a centre for all activity.

2. Possibility of a centre for offices for community development.

3. A centre for performance; Drama, musicals, lectures, film. Dual-purpose floor area with retractable seating.

4. A centre for youth activity with a dedicated area for young people.

5. A centre for use by elderly and retired people; day centre and active retirement.

6. Possible location for community creche.

7. A location for the local District Court, presently using old hall.

8. Kitchen /coffee dock for use by patrons.

The Community Council is anxious to explore the needs of the area regarding the building of a new centre through a professional feasibility study. Consultants will be appointed by the council immediately to carry out the study and will be willing to meet with all groups who have an interest in this landmark project.

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About this record

Written by Martin OGrady and Peter Feeney

Published here 15 Jan 2024 and originally published Summer 2005

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