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The AGM of the Athenry Community Council took place recently.

Chair Person; Peter Feeney, Vice-Chair; Joe Tige, Secretary; Pascal O’Dowd, Assistant Secretary; Chris Flannery, Treasures; Joe Dennison, Tommy Moran, PRO; Madelyn Brody, Assistant PRO; Martin O’Grady.

The council has just started a new three-year term of office and there is a good blend of new and experienced members. While most areas of the parish are represented there are still a number of areas where members have yet to be appointed. In the majority of cases this will happen over the next couple of months.

Community Centre

The Community Council has decided to apply for planning permission as soon as possible for the building of a Community Centre at Knockaunglas, i.e., the field beside the Boys School. It is intended to provide a stage with tiered seating area in addition to a large meeting area. This would also be used for activities such as aerobics, dancing lessons, indoor bowling etc. All these activities and more already take place at the community hall on Clarke St. but that building is no longer adequate to cater for the area’s needs. The new centre will provide the Community Council with meeting rooms and an office and it is intended to provide and equip a designated area for youth activities, something that is lacking in Athenry at the moment.

Childrens’ Playground

The work of the community council is on going and one of the most recent initiatives is the provision of a site for a playground in the park beside the castle. A local playground committee, the Community Council and Galway County Council have come together to provide a playground, which due to the growth in development in the area, is badly needed. The community council is providing the site, the playground committee had prepared the plans, will help fundraise and the County Council will provide insurance, maintenance and do site preparation. In addition extra seating and litterbins will be provided thanks to the sponsorship from Athenry Credit Union.


West-on-Track is a group formed to campaign for the re-opening of the railway from Sligo to Limerick and has representatives in all communities along the railway line. The cost of the re-opening would be a small fraction of what Luas or the Metro plans will cost, and would give new life to communities along the line. It would also improve the chances of a commuter service between Athenry and Galway. About 2000 signatures have been collected in Athenry alone in support of the plan.

Post Office

The community council is involved, along with other organizations, in a number of campaigns at the moment.The proposal to downgrade the Post Office has met with major opposition locally and representations have been made to An Post and local politicians in addition to a strong media campaign.


In a letter received from the Minister for Defence’s office, as a result of representations made to him, the minister states that no decisions on the restructuring of the FCA had yet been made, but that Athenry would remain a centre for activity for the FCA.

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Written by Peter Feeney

Published here 02 Jan 2024 and originally published Summer 2003

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