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It was a great honour, and a big shock, to be elected Chairman of the Athenry Community Council at the recent AGM.

I accepted the role on the night without realising the full implications of the position as chairman of Athenry Community Council. In the middle of the night, I began with horror to realise some of the events I would have to attend, the first one I thought of was that I would have to review the St Patrick’s Day Parade. I had been involved in the Parade with the Civil Defence for a number of years driving a vehicle or even marching in the Parade, that was very easy compared to being on the Reviewing Stand! My first event was welcoming home St Mary’s Hurling Team from the Club Final on St Patrick’s night.

It did not get any easier for me with my next job of welcoming the visitors from Quimperle with the Town Twinning Committee, and I don’t speak French! Even worse, they did not speak English, never mind, I got a few kisses that evening!

So it was not too bad. I am now waiting for the junket on the return visit; unfortunately I heard the group who went to France last year had to pay for their tickets so maybe there are no free trips with Athenry Community Council!

It was very difficult to take over the role from Peter Feeney who was such a great ambassador for Athenry and had contacts in so many organisations around the county and with all the departments in Galway County Council.

I do not have any such contacts but I am learning from the past and present masters of the Community Council, they are trying to keep me on the straight and narrow and not make too many mistakes! They have a hard job!

The Community Council is active in a number of current projects in the parish.

The Playground is a great success and we were delighted to be involved in that project.

The town Christmas Lights continues to be a very costly project for the Community Council each year, and it is very difficult to raise the money for the lights with our very limited funding from the Lotto and collections.

We have plans to build a Community Centre; the Hall Committee meet every week and are now in the process of arranging a feasibility study regarding the viability and requirements of the parish for a new building.

The traffic plan and parking is a major issue at the moment and it is hoped that a number of new  projects will greatly relieve the situation in the town, there will be a link road from the industrial estate in Raheen to Ballygurrane, the Galway County Council have plans for a car park, they will also introduce pay and display parking in the town.

We are active in the campaign to stop the downgrading/closure of the Post Office.

I hope I will survive my term as Chairman, and that the Committee will not get me in to too many problems.

I look forward to working with the various organisations in the Parish and hope that I will be able to contribute in some small way to continue the great work that my predecessors in the Athenry Community Council have done so far.

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About this record

Written by Joe Dennison

Published here 15 Jan 2024 and originally published Summer 2005

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