Athenry in Bloom – August 1996

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As someone who has been away for the best part of a year, it is great to see the old town looking so well this summer. The efforts of Athenry’s residents, both in an individual and communal capacity, have transformed some parts of the town. Most noticeably was the profusion of hanging baskets on the shopfronts and houses of many of our streets.

Caheroyan Road seems to be maturing beautifully at the moment, with some very pretty and well planned gardens coming to fruition – obviously the result of some very hard work. It is also great to see the residents of our town willing to break the chains of drabness and take the risk of using brighter colours on their houses and doors. Somebody once said that you have to go away and then return to realise what you have at home.

I must say that a fresh lick of paint coupled with a few nice gardens have made coming home that bit more pleasurable. Well done to everyone who made an effort, especially in Caheroyan, Árd Aoibhinn, Park, Swangate, and the streets of our town centre. Your hard work has been noticed by many.

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About this record

Written by Paul McNamara

Published here 05 Jan 2023 and originally published August 1996

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