Athenry Journal Committee – April 96

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The following members attended the recent meeting of the Athenry Journal: Kathleen Brody, Martin Burke, Conrad Byrnes, Helena Fahy, Carmel Farragher, Cannel Kearney, Martin T. Kelly, Gertie Kilcommins, Dermot Monaghan, Dominic Monaghan, Martin O’Grady and Finbarr O’Regan.

A full and frank discussion took place about all matters concerning the Journal.

The committee voted to thank most sincerely the retailers of the parish who contribute enormously to the success of the magazine by agreeing to sell it. This they do ex gratia and for nothing and for this the committee are most grateful.

They would welcome any comment, advice or suggestions to help improve The Journal. They are also looking for people who would like to become involved in its production – writing and collecting articles and especially conducting interviews.

They need news items and photos from the different parts of the parish. We have few records of anniversaries or old folks’ parties, lists of members, officers or committee members of voluntary organisations from the past 100 years. The happenings in our area especially the good work of our people should be recorded. As the Journal is copyright it will be preserved for the future. The news can’t be published unless it is sent in.

Further information from the Editor or any member of the committee.

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About this record

Written by Conrad Byrnes

Published here 02 Nov 2022 and originally published 1996

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