Athenry Journal Letters to the Editor Dec, 1996

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Dear Editor

I have been astounded by the prolific output of your Athenry journal through the three issues I have seen. Each copy kept me up half the night as I pored over it’s contents evoking memories whin me as you nurtured me and sustained my spirit with news of our wonderful heritage.

Please feel free to pass on my name and address to anyone who may remember me or my family. My Sister … lives in Renmore, Galway, surrounded by extended family.

A very sincere thank you,

Sean Masterson, Santa Monica, California


Dear Sir,

A little while ago I sent a copy of our Journal to a friend in England who wrote back to me as follows:

“Well I’ve seen some parish magazines in my time, but never such an impressive one as the one done in Athenry. It is a valuable reference work as well as an interesting read. It puts a great many big circulation magazines to shame. They must have combed every square inch of the area to produce such an exhaustive list of placenames. Long may it flourish!”

I share that feeling and thought you might like to know!

H. K-M.

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Published here 12 Jan 2023 and originally published December 1996

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