Athenry Junior Tidy Towns Committee August 1996

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The Athenry Junior Tidy Towns Committee was formed in May of this year. At the meeting which was held in Hansberry’s Hotel, the chairperson of the Tidy Towns Committee Christy Coffey, welcomed the big attendance of the youth of our town and surrounding areas and congratulated and wished them well in their new venture. He stressed that the involvement of our school-going children and young people is of the utmost importance. “By forming this Junior Tidy Towns Committee, you are showing the way to all other towns and villages in the county. You will also learn of the practical benefits of working and co-operating with friends and neighbours to protect and improve their town. It will make you aware of our environment and the responsibility that you will have in the future to protect it for your own children”, said Christy.

The Junior Tidy Towns Committee which has its own officers will be given a free rein and one of their first duties is of overseeing the Competition for The Best Kept, Litter Free, Street which is geared towards the schools. They were also involved in the distribution of application forms for the other competitions. They also organised and took an active part in the clean-ups. This has helped keep our town relatively free of litter.

The election of officers, which was presided over by the President of the Tidy Towns, Mr Tony Kilcommins and ably assisted by Mrs Peggy Farrell resulted in: Chairperson, Tracey Torpey; Asst. Chairperson, Sarah Mulkerrins; Secretary, Kelly Torpey; Asst. Secretary, Annabel Brody; Treasurer, Aisling Gallagher; Asst. Treasurer, Deirdre Foran; P.R.O., Rachel Barrett. Committee Members: Martina Molloy, Alan McNamara, Martin McNamara, Conor Judge, Leona Gardner, Eimer McNamara, Jennifer Healy and Clare Healy.

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Written by Rose Barrett

Published here 05 Jan 2023 and originally published August 1996

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