Athenry Mother and Toddler Group Nov. 1995

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October 1995 played host to the “Athenry Mother and Toddler Group” third anniversary. The club, which was set up in 1992 with eight adult members, has expanded and through the three years has seen many mothers and toddlers pass through its doors.

The club with its relaxed atmosphere is held every Thursday morning from 10.30 am until 12.00. It constantly holds an open invitation for new mothers and is especially orientated for mothers working at home who enjoy a break and welcome the opportunity to meet with others in a similar position. The mothers sit and chat and have a cup of tea while the children play.

The Mother and Toddler Group does not solely hold a social aim but occasionally an educational purpose when the group invites guest speakers along.

When they want to leave the toddlers behind they arrange a “night out” which is usually at the end of every term. So why not join us every Thursday in the Canton Hall.

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About this record

Written by Catherine Feeney

Published here 31 Oct 2022 and originally published 1995

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