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Musical Sugar: After a very successful production of Oklahoma, The Athenry Musical Society have even sweeter plans.

Athenry Musical Society is pleased to announce their production for 2003. Based on the hilarious film “Some Like It Hot” SUGAR features the same memorable characters that made this screenplay so popular. Joe and Jerry, two musicians down on their luck, witness a gang rob-out in Chicago, Spats and his boys immediately chase after the pair. Desperate for a quick way out of town, Joe and Jerry hear of jobs available in a band scheduled to leave at once for Florida. The only problem is, the band is all female.

Oklahoma – Athenry Journal Archive

With a bit of costuming, padding, makeup and slight voice adjustments, they become Josephine and Daphne, join the band and get acquainted with Sugar, the gorgeous blond lead singer. The rest is great fun and the Society is looking forward to the rehearsals that will be starting in early January 2003.

The show will run for four nights, Thursday to Sunday, 27th and 28th February and 1st and 2nd March 2003.

New members for the chorus are welcome and help is always appreciated backstage and on sets, costumes, makeup etc.

Oklahoma – Athenry Journal Archive

Contact Harry Monson, Chairperson

Once again, the Society wishes to thank all patrons and sponsors who have been so supportive over the past four years and all who have given so generously of their time, making each show a resounding success and an event not to be missed.


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About this record

Written by Ruth Pokall and Ronan Cahill

Published here 05 Aug 2023 and originally published Winter 2002

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