Athenry Playground – Christmas 2004

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We expect the opening of the new playground to take place in mid-December at the latest.

It is very gratifying to see work move along so quickly and the whole project taking shape after so much hard work.

Preliminary work began in August when the Galway Co. Council team under Christy Mannion prepared the site and reduced the height of the surrounding walls. Donal Cahill of Sliabhrue did an Excellent job of making and erecting the wrought – iron fencing.

The main contractor for the playground is Woden Delights Ltd. Based at Rahoon. Christy Hanbury of Woden Delights has put a huge amount of time and effort into the project from a very early stage. His advice and help have been invaluable to the committee.

Christy has travelled from all over the country on different occasions to meet us and without him it would have been a much more difficult task.

The playground equipment itself is predominantly wooden, made from seasoned, strengthened hardwood.

This will blend in the whole natural look of the site, with the river, mature trees, the park and the castle in the background.

The site is particularly suitable, part of an existing green area yet only yards from the centre of the town. The committee is indebted to the Athenry Community Council who generously made the site available. This removed one of the major hurdles to the playground as the problem of acquiring a suitable site is the major bar to playground developments around the country.

The final touches of the playground will come from Eagle Wooden Fencing, Roadstone Ltd who will tarmac the area and a local company Easy-Fix Rubber Products who have provided Rubber Kerbings for part of the play area.

Any project of this quality costs a lot of money and ours is no different. Galway Co. Council has been extremely generous and are funding about 2/3 of the work. The committee would like to thank Director of Services Galway Co. Council, Jim Cullen, Area Engineer John Diskin and Athenry Area Engineer Enda Gallagher for their commitment to the project. The remaining one third has been raised locally mostly from local businesses and especially from the construction industry all of whom have been very generous. A full acknowledgement of the long list of sponsors will be published in the next issue of the Athenry Journal and will be displayed at the playground itself.

Without local support the playground would not happen and we greatly appreciate the many offers of financial support we received over recent months.

Finally, the committee hope that the children, parents and grandparents of the area gets years of enjoyment and pleasure from our new playground.

Committee members are: Anne Reaney, Clair Parr, Clare Lundon, Patricia O’Grady, Teresa Coppinger, John Eagle, Michael Coppinger and Peter Feeney our newly elected County Councillor.

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Written by Peter Feeney

Published here 01 Jan 2024 and originally published Christmas 2004

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