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Two exciting projects have kept Athenry Projects Society members busy during 1999.

The beginning of the year saw the preparation and planning for a New public Lighting System for the town.  Close co-operation was forged between the Society, E.S.B. and Galway County Council.  After many meetings and with the support of Athenry Community Council and Athenry A.D.C. plans were finished and submitted for Phase One of this project which will see new lights: Davis Street, The Square, Northgate Street, Burkes Lane, Bridge Street, and the section of Court Lane in front of the Castle.

The total cost will be £45,000 of which the local Community must provide 10/% (£4.500). So far (Oct. 99) £3.700 has been generously donated.  Work on the new lights should begin in the near future.

Since September, Society members have been busy planning, what they hope will be, the most colourful and exciting parade ever to be staged in Athenry in The Millennium St Patrick’s Day Parade. 

This will be a Parade for the history books; a parade that will be recorded on video and print.  The Society will be encouraging every Society and Organisation to participate and to show imagination and creativity in their floats and presentations.

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About this record

Written by Gerry Ahern

Published here 21 Apr 2023 and originally published Christmas 1999

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