Athenry Reunion of Priests and Religious – Summer 1998

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The Athenry Reunion of Priests and Religious was formed in 1976 and the first meeting took place in August I979. Other meetings have been held since that time. The purpose of the reunion is to give an opportunity for the religious and priests to meet and to share about their work and ministry that they are doing in the different parts of the world. The next reunion will take place this August and our theme will be “A Prophet to the Nations”.

The liturgy for the reunion will be Sunday, August 9, at the 11.30am Mass. Everyone is invited to attend and participate in the liturgy. The celebrant will be Father Sean Atkinson. He will be assisted by Father Anthony King, P. P. and Father Francis Carr. Liam Cummins, R.S.M. will give the reflection and the local community will be a part of the celebration. There will be a luncheon after Mass at the New Park Hotel for the visiting religious and priests.

There are many people who have responded to the words of Jesus, “come and follow me” and made a decision to follow a vocation in the priesthood and religious life. A vocation is a commitment to live a life of faith, hope and prayer. A vocation is a gift of love where you are challenged to witness the values and teachings of gospel.

At the present time eighty-three priests, sisters and brothers from the Athenry parish have taken on this challenge and have responded to the call of Jesus. They have played a vital part in the missionary work of the church not only in Ireland but in many countries around the world. They have worked in over twenty different countries and have established schools, churches, hospitals and social services.

Rev. Msgr. Michael Higgins, Castle Lambert, based in the Diocese of San Diego, California (Reunion Co-ordinator)

Reverend Sean Atkinson, Athenry, based in the USA

Sister Mary Cavil. O.L.A. Derrydonnell, Ireland

Sister Francis Carr, R.S.M., Ballyboggan, England

Reverend Francis Carr, S.S.C. Ballyboggan Ireland

Sister M.Dolores Cloonan,O.S.C – Newcastle, Ireland

Sister Benignus Coffey, P.B.V.M., Ballybackagh, USA

Reverend John Corbett,C.Ss.R.,  Athenry, Ireland

Brother Malachy Corbett, F.S.P., Newcastle, Australia

Sister Raymond Corbett, O.P., Athenry, Ireland

Sister Nuala Courtney, P.B.V.M, CastleLambert, Ireland

Reverend William Cummins, Coldwood, Ireland

Sister Margaret Cummins, O.L.A. Coldwood, England

Sister Eileen Cummins, O.L.A., Coldwood, Netherlands

Sister Gretta Cummins, R.S.M. Derrydonnell, England

Sister Liam Cummins, R.S.M., Derrydonnell, England

Sister Claire Marie Curran, O.P. Capaghmoyle, Ireland

Sister Agnes Curran, R.S.M., Capaghmoyle, Ireland

Reverend Bernard Duffy, Athenry, Ireland

Sister Jarlath Duffy, P.B.V.M., Athenry, Ireland

Sister Rita Egan, O.S.A., Coshla, Ireland

Sister Cecilia Fahy, C.C.V.I.Carnaun, USA

Sister Mary Finn, S.T., Moorpark, USA

Sister Teresa Finnerty, S.H.F., Cormacuagh,France

Sister Claire Fitzpatrick, R.S.C., Gloves, Ireland

Reverend Mark Fitzsimon, C.Ss.R., Newline, Athenry, Ireland

Sister Rosemary Fitzsimon, O.S.U., Newline,  Athenry, Ireland

Reverend Joseph Fitzsimons, O.S.A., Newline,  Athenry, Wales

Sister Jarlath Flynn, S.P., Athenry, Ireland

Sister Mary Fox, S.M.G., Boyhill, Venezuela

Sister Gabriel Freeney, P.B.V.M., Derrydonnell, Ireland

Brother Gerald Gannon, F.S.P., Shudane, India

Sister Mary Gannon, P.B.V.M., Shudane, Ireland

Reverend Monsignor Michael Glynn, Knockbrack, USA

Sister Nora Glynn, R.S.H., Knockbrack, Ireland

Sister Cermelita Glynn, S.B.S., Athenry, USA

Sister Mary Teresa Glynn, S.B.S., Athenry, USA

Sister Andrew Hession, O.S.A., north Gatest., Athenry, England

Reverend Monsignor Patrick Higgins, Castle Lambert, USA

Reverend Richard Higgins, Castle Lambert, Ireland

Sister Magdalen Higgins, D.C., Coshla, Ireland

Brother Peter Higgins, F.S.P., Coshla, Australia,

Sister Madeline Houlihan, P.B.V.M., Cross Street, Athenry, Ireland

Sister Raphael Hynes, S.B.S., Cross St., Athenry, USA

Sister Jarlath Jennings, L.S.P., Gloves, England

Sister Teresa Jennings, L.V.N., Coldwood, England

Sister Carmel Jordan, P.B.V.M. Davis St., Athenry, Ireland

Sister Sylvia Jordan, P.B.V.M., Davis Street, Athenry, USA

Sister Colm Keane, S.J.C., Greethill, Ireland

Sister Eileen Kearney, P.B.V.M., Old Church St., Athenry, Peru

Sister Bernadette Keating, P.B.V.M., Caheroyan, Athenry, Ireland

Sister Brenda Kelly, M.S.H.R., Clough, West Africa

Reverend Christopher Kilkelly, Ballydavid, Ireland

Reverend Nicholas King, Prospect, Athenry, USA

Sister Margaret King, P.B.V.M., Athenry, Chile

Reverend Paul Madden, Ballydavid, Peru

Sister Alban Mannion, C.C.V.I., Gloves, USA

Sister Pauline McGuinness, R.J.M., Athenry, Ireland

Sister Bridie Mc Inerney, R.S.M. Derrydonnell, Ireland

Sister Colette Mc Inerney, S.J.G., Derrydonnell, Australia

Sister. de Lourdes Mclaughlin, R.S.M, Derrydonnell, Lebanon

Reverend Edward Mcloughlin, Athenry, USA

Reverend Luke Mcloughlin, Athenry, USA

Reverend Nicholas Mcloughlin, Athenry, USA

Reverend Robert McNamara, C.Ss.R., Prospect, Athenry, Ireland

Sister Alphonsus Monaghan, O.S.A., Blean, England

Sister Catherine Mullins, S.M.G. Rahard, Ireland

Sister Angela Murphy, P.B.V.M., Tiaquin, Ireland

Sister Eugenia Murphy, P.B.V.M., Tiaquin, Ireland

Sister Teresa Murphy, P.B.V.M., Tiaquin, Ireland

Sister Patrick Nolan, R.S.C., Gloves, USA

Reverend Monsignor Richard O’Keeffe, Ols Church St. Athenry, USA

Sister Mary O’Regan, P.B.V.M., Swangate, Athenry, Ireland

Reverend Monsignor Joseph Pollard, Cross St. Athenry USA

Sister John Rabbitt, P.S.N., Cahertymore, Ireland

Reverend Martin Rabbitte, Castle Ellen, USA

Reverend Brian Reynolds, O.P. Prospect, Athenry, Ireland

Reverend Michael Rooney, S.M.A. Coldwood, USA

Sister Mary Francis Rooney, M.P.F Athenry, England

Sister Brendan Sherlock, O.U., Tiaquin, England

Sister Kieran Somers, Newfort, O.S.A, Athenry, England

Sister Helen Waldron, S.M.G., Mulpit, England

Sister Rosalie Walsh, D.C., Ballybackagh, Scotland

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Written by Michael Higgins

Published here 07 Mar 2023 and originally published Summer 1997

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