Athenry Tidy Towns Progress Report 2003

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The Athenry Tidy Towns Committee can look back on the first three years of the millennium and feel a sense of achievement.

Since our formation in November 1992, we have been making steady progress in our efforts to enhance and improve the town. The Committee though small in numbers, is ably led by our President; Mr Tony Kilcommons, Chairperson, Mr. Christy Coffey, Asst. Chairperson; Mr John Delaney, Secretary Mr Philip Farrell, Treasurer Mr. Tadhg Costelloe.

The committee has now entered year three of its plan, appropriately titled “Protection and Enhancement of our Local Environment”. The protection of our environment will greatly enhance the medieval quality of the town and this is the main aim of year three of the plan.

Entering the National and Local Tidy Towns Competitions has now become the cornerstone for the committee. In the National Competition, we get feed-back from the adjudicators on how we are performing, how we rate with other towns of the same size and most importantly the works that are needed for improvement. In last year’s competition we were up by 11 marks on the previous year’s results. When we first entered the competition in 1993 our marks stood at 136/300. Last yearthe adjudicators awarded us marks of 228/300. This improvement has now brought the town to the forefront with the chance of making a serious bid for a major award in years to come.

However, as the adjudicators pointed out to us, in this year’s National Tidy Towns results, we must not become too complacent. We must continue to build on recent endeavours, create a better sense of community awareness in that keeping Athenry tidy will benefit all in the long term.

In the Galway County Council Competition we came third, in Category C, behind Portumna and Clifden and received a cheque for €900. Adjudication was carried out in June and September. Litter in and around the castle and two derelict houses are the main bones of contention.

The Local Competitions, run every summer, were once again a great success. The main aim in the running of these competitions is to create a better sense of community awareness in that keeping Athenry tidy and colourful will benefit all in the long term. The principal reason for the awards function held each year is to raise awareness of the need for civic pride in the town and to officially recognize those who play such an active role in keeping Athenry looking its best.

The award winners in the different categories in 2003 were as follows:

Category1 for 2003: “Competition for The Best Kept Commercial Premises and Perimeter”.

Overall winner: The Flower Shop.

1stRunner-Up: Newpark Hotel

2nd Runner-Up; Castlegate Hotel

Category 2: “Competition for the Best kept Private and Residential Premises and Perimeter

Overall Winner: Mr and Mrs P. J. Greaney.

1st Runner-Up: Christy & Patricia Kelly.

2nd Runner-Up: Louise Houlihan.

Category 3: “Competition for the Best Kept Suburban Garden”

Overall Winner: Cathriona and John Muldoon.

1st Runner-Up: Barbara Gibbons.

2nd Runner-Up Gabriel and Margaret Gardner.

Category 4: “Competition for the Best Kept Public Building and Parks”

Overall Winner: Ladys Well.

1st Runner-Up: Athenry Boys National School.

2nd Runner-Up Heritage Centre.

Category 5: “Competition for the Best Kept Residential Estate”

Overall Winner: Cluain Glas

ln community awareness it is great to see that the Women’s Group are now showing the way in taking over the landscaping of the Church car park and the two islands at Prospect. They are to be complimented on all the works that they have carried out in a short period of time.

It is also very heartening to see that the Boys National School has won an award in our local competitions. The committee has always stressed that it is imperative that our young become involved if any plan is to work. Through their involvement, they will learn of the practical benefits of working and co-operating with their friends and neighbours to enhance and improve our town. It will make them more aware of their environment and the responsibility they will have in the future to protect it for their own children. By their involvement now in making the town and their school a cleaner place to learn and live in, they will pass on to the generations to come an environment that is healthier, cleaner and every sense greener.

We must now continue to build on this by creating a better sense of community awareness that keeping Athenry tidy will benefit all in the long term.

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About this record

Written by Christy Coffey

Published here 21 Dec 2023 and originally published Spring 2004

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