Athenry Town Twinning – Spring 2004

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The final stage of the twinning of Athenry and Quimperle will take place in Quimperle, Brittany on Easter Monday, 12th of April 2004.

A group of thirty people will leave Athenry for Quimperle on Holy Saturday returning the following Saturday.

The group will represent many different organisations in Athenry.

On Easter Monday Peter Feeney Chairman of Athenry Community Council and Monsieur Daniel Le Bras, Mayor of Quimperle will sign the twinning charter in Quimperle.

The first stage of the twinning ceremony took place on Easter Sunday last year in Athenry, and this second stage will complete the formal twinning of the two towns.

Looking to the future the success of the twinning will depend on the people of the two towns. It will depend on different organisations organizing exchanges between the two towns.

A number of groups in Quimperle has expressed a keen interest in exchange with their Athenry counterparts. Schools play a pivotal role to town twinning and we look forward to student exchange between schools in the future.

This is an inexpensive means for students to learn about a different culture and improve their fluency in the language.

While students at primary level may be considered too young for exchanges, there are numerous opportunities for pen pals to video conferencing.

Family exchange has already begun. Regular contact has been maintained between the Athenry families and the French people they hosted last year. Town twinning has not only resulted in a marriage of town but of the people from the respective towns. We look. forward to developments.

Gerry Burke is Chairperson of Athenry Town Twinning Committee

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Written by Gerry Burke

Published here 20 Oct 2023 and originally published Spring 2004

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