Athenry Women’s Group June 1995

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Athenry Women’s Group was set up in February 1991, with the aim of providing a place where women can meet to make friends, exchange ideas, learn new skills and contribute to the community in a practical way.

We have forty women attending and they are divided into two groups. They meet weekly – one group on Tuesday at 10.30 am. and the other at 8.30 pm. on Thursday in the Canton Hall. There is no formal membership and the courses we run are open to all women in the area.

Over the years we’ve had talks and courses on many subjects from listening skills to cookery, creative writing to aromatherapy and colour confidence. Last year we did an Enneagrain course in Esker Monastery. As a result of all this we have become more aware of ourselves, our community, our history and our environment.

As we try to suit all tastes, we have many activities such as cards, quizzes, dancing, walks and bowling.Outings to places of interest and nights out are very important to us.

The group takes part in the St.Patrick’s Day Parade. Members help to organise book week in the library.  The Festival Committee is drawn from the Women’s Group and all members help with the festival.

We are affiliated to the Western Women’s Link and attend seminars and workshops organised by them where we meet women from all over the West of Ireland. Groups from Dublin, Italy, Portugal and Corsica have visited us as they were interested in our organisation and in the medieval town.

The group, we feel provides a place of friendliness and support, where we learn, work and enjoy ourselves.We love to see new faces and anyone joining us will be sure of a warm welcome.

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About this record

Written by Peggy Walsh

Published here 08 Feb 2021 and originally published June 1995

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