Athenry Women’s Sodality Visits Kylemore Abbey 1939/1940

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Back Row: Mary Maloney (Fox), May Connaughton (Kelly) 3 unknown, Kathreen Prendergast (Brennan), Mary Dolan (Whelan), Scully sisters, Mrs. McGuinness, Marian Fox, Mrs. McGlade, Mrs. Pollard, Mrs, Quinn, Mrs O’Malley, Bridgie O’Neill.

Seated: Nora Byrne, Ms. Julia Burke, Mrs. Crosby, Mrs. McGovern. Kneeling: Ms. Regan, Mrs. Cussan. Seated: Peggy Collins, Barbara Beatty, Mrs Maloney, and Mrs Duffy Moanbaun.


Editor’s note: The old Catholic Church in Athenry was built in the form of a cross and the main aisle was divided in two. The left side was for women only and the right side was reserved for men.

Each side was also divided into groups of seats for those who belonged to individual Sodalities or Confraternities. Each section had a banner / flag at the edge or the pew!

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About this record

Written by Minnie Cleary

Published here 19 Nov 2023 and originally published Spring 2004

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