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The village of Carlton, nestles in the Yorkshire Dales. near to Kirkby Malham. Carlton Hall was the home of Major General John Lambert.

Many of the ancient house of Calton could tell an interesting story, but none as well as Calton Hall. The most famous of the many Lamberts that have lived there is Major General John Lambert, or Lord Lambert as he is sometimes called. By the middle of the 17th Century, John’s name was known and respected through out the land as Oliver Cromwell’s second in command. It has been suggested, that the Lamberts had quarrelled with the church and this is why he supported a man so different to himself as Cromwell. The reason why will probably never be known now, but with him John found wealth and much power, before being betrayed and imprisoned in the Tower of London.

Calton Hall was apparently burned down and rebuilt during the time the Major’s son lived there. The new hall todayis as much as it was then. The land around the hall today has been divide up, but is otherwise much as it was then. It is located a short walk uphill from the lovely Airton Bridge, with is crystal clear, cascading river and wide, grass covered banks.

The near by church of St Michael the Archangel in Kirby Malham celebrated its 500th Anniversary in 1990. Known as The Cathedral of the Dales it contains many items relating to the Lambert family as well as a Chapel in memory of the Lamberts.

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Written by Andy Lambert

Published here 08 Feb 2021 and originally published 1999

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