Carnaun School Organic Diary – Jan 2002

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Pupils of Ireland’s first registered Organic Primary School, left to right: Enda Trowel, Tara O’Regan, Barry O’Brien, Chrissir Qualter, Kiera Laffey

Web ‘hit’ for Ireland’s first organic school

Carnaun National School, Athenry, Co. Galway was recently honoured when their European Communications Project “l eat, therefore l am” was one of four projects selected for the launch of Netdays Europe 2001. Netdays is an important European Commissioned initiative promoting online technology in education and culture.

The Carnaun School Project, done in partnership with 12 other European schools from Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Malta, Wales, Finland, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic and Greece was nominated an “Official Netdays Project” with the European Commission and will receive Europe wide attention on the Netdays website which had over 8 million visitors last year.

Their project “l eat, therefore l am” can be seen at or through the Carnaun School website at Earlier in the year Carnaun pupils made national headlines when they became the first primary school in the country to be accredited by an organic body.

The pupils who manage the IOFGA registered school grounds are no strangers to environmental awards having have won more prizes in the ESB national awareness projects run by St. Patrick’s College Drumcondra than any other school in Ireland. Their organic vegetable garden, nature trail, and wildflower garden are frequently visited by other schools interested in duplicating their efforts. Principal Finbarr O Regan and his pupils are to be congratulated on their continuing promotion of environmental and organic ideals and IOFGA (Irish Farmers and Growers Association) is proud to be associated with them.

 This article was, one of many written in Carnaun School, Athenry, from 2006 onwards, for IOFGA’s Organic Matters Magazine, Editor Cáit Curran!

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Written by Carnaun School Children 2002

Published here 16 Feb 2024 and originally published Jan 2002

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