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Carnaun Sport 1991


Another great year for sport in Carnaun. As this book goes to print our teams has reached the semi-finals in both hurling and football in the Under 12 League Competitions. They also won three out of five Player of the Year awards in Rugby.
Hurling 11B Competition:

1st Match: Carnaun 9-2 to Craughwell 1-1.

2nd Match: Carnaun 5-2 to Newcastle 2-2.

3rd Match: Carnaun 1-2 to Castlegar1—3. In this match we were without our superb goalie Michael Morrissey.

4th Match: Carnaun 9-1 to Newcastle 1—1.

5th Match: Carnaun 5-4 to Ballymacward 3—3.

6th Match: Carnaun 5-2 to Fohenagh 4-2.

Football 9 aside Competition:

1st Match: Carnaun 4-2 to Newcastle 2-8 (draw).

2nd Match: Carnaun 12—6 to Esker/Kiltulla 3-3.

3rd Match: Carnaun 8-9 to Bawnmore 4~1.

4th Match: Carnaun 4-3 to Cillin-a-Dioma 4~2.

This is a great achievement for a small school. Good luck to Carnaun in the matches to come!

Hurling Team:

1. Michael Morrissey, 2. Keith Qualter, 3. Martin Coffey, 4. Paul Greaney,5. Michael O’Regan,6. Liam Rabbitt,7. David Morrissey, 8. John Caulfield, 9. Kevin McMahon, 10. Paul Hynes, 11. Brain Qualter, 12. David Burke, 13. Paul Ryan, 14. Gearoid Gill, 15. Michael Connaughton.

Football Team:

1. John Caulfield, 2. Shane Feeney, 3. Paul Hynes, 4. Keith Qualter, 5. Michael Morrissey, 6. Liam Rabbitt, 7. Kevin McMahon, 8. Paul Greaney, 9. Brian Qualter, 10. David Burke, 11. Gearoid Gill, 12.

Paul Ryan,13. Paul Reynolds,14. David Courtney,15. Michael Connaughton, 16. Michael O’Regan.

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Written by Ann Treacy

Published here 24 Sep 2021 and originally published 1991

Page 327 of The Carnaun Centenary Book

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