Cecelia Rohan (Kelly)

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A native of Castle Lambert, Athenry, County Galway, Cecelia, known locally as Cecily immigrated to New York in January 1963 and quickly immersed herself in the Irish community. She married fellow Athenry native, Bernie Rohan on July 15th, 1967.

Together with Bernie they were loyal supporters and officers of the Galway Hurling Club and Galway Association. Cecily was proud to serve Galway as the first female President of a NY GAA club. She later served as President of the Galway Association. A sports fanatic, Cecily could be heard shouting from the side-lines of Gaelic Park, Croke Park, or Athenry’s Kenny Park on many Sundays.

Cecily will be remembered for her overflowing love and generosity. She was like a mom to many. If you were a travelling GAA player, a visiting niece or nephew or just a new face in town there was always a dinner, a place to stay and a cup of tea at Cecily’s house. Cecily was always on the go. She spent her days visiting friends no matter the distance. She loved her trips to Ireland every year and staying connected to her large circle of family and friends.

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Published here 08 Aug 2021 and originally published February 2021

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