Civic Amenity Site badly needed in Athenry – Winter 2002

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Environmental Awareness and proper disposal and recycling of waste are important issues facing Athenry. On going efforts to secure a civic amenity site have, so far, been unsuccessful. While funding is available to Athenry ADC under the Social Economy Programme to manage a facility, Galway County Council has been unable to provide a suitable site.

Residents of Galway city have   responded very positively to re-cycling initiatives undertaken by the Galway Corporation and this is the general experience throughout the country. There is opposition national opposition to the provision of incinerators as a means of disposing of waste. It is difficult to see how Galway County Council can meet its Management Strategy if suitable alternatives are not provided to local communities.

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About this record

Written by Athenry Community Council

Published here 27 Jul 2023 and originally published Winter 2002

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