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Providing the Link between the Council and the Community

 Galway County Council appointed 15 Community Wardens on the 12th February 2002, and four Community Wardens were appointed to provide a service in the Loughrea electoral area.

The new Community Warden service is designed to forge stronger links between the local authority and the community by offering a service, which combines various roles and duties. The Wardens in Galway County Council will have responsibility in the areas of monitoring, assistance, enforcement, observing and reporting.

Monitoring the county

The Community Wardens, equipped with mobile communications and vehicles, will be the “eyes and ears” of the local authority and with a role in monitoring public amenities, tourist attractions, school vicinities and estates and, importantly, providing a visible point of contact for residents and visitors. The Community Wardens will provide assistance and advice in the community by forging links with groups such as Neighbourhood Watch/Community Alert as well as other groups requiring a contact for local authority matters. The Warden will work with the Gardai in their area. A Liaison officer was appointed by the Garda Siochana to provide advice and support to the Community Wardens in each area also.

Enforcing regulations

The Wardens will also be responsible for enforcing a broad range of local authority business such as traffic offences, obstructions to traffic, litter, public amenities, casual trading, pollution, waste management, dog licensing, planning etc. In order to raise the profile of the Community Wardens all have been provided with a distinctive grey uniform and a van bearing the Council logo. For the new service to be effective the Community Wardens will be rostered to work outside normal working hours and at weekends.

Community wardens can assist with:

a) Tourist Directions and Advice — providing assistance and advice to tourists.

b) Assist Neighbourhood Watch/Community Alert Schemes by providing a conduit to the local authority on issues relevant to the local authority e.g. public lighting, activities in parks.

c) Develop Contact with Elderly/Vulnerable (if desired by the citizen) — to provide additional reassurance to the elderly and the vulnerable especially in rural areas with specific regard to local authority matters.

d) Sheltered Housing — providing visible presence and a liaison point for the residences of sheltered housing with regard to local authority matters.

You can contact your local Community Warden at the Library Building in Athenry.

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