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Movement on Backlawn car park

I’m very pleased that after reviewing the situation, following strong representations, the Roads Dept. of Galway Co. Co. has decided to proceed immediately with the construction of a Car Park beside the Backlawn GAA pitch. This had been proposed but put somewhat on the long finger until developments in the area were complete.

However, with this change of mind, a carpark with approx. 140 long-term spaces should be available in a matter of months. Indeed the Archaeological Survey has already taken place, so work can begin soon.

This will give a lifeline to hard-pressed businesses in the town suffering greatly from a serious lack of parking facilities.

New Heritage Funding

Galway County Council has received approval in the last few days of considerable heritage funding for capital works in the town.

The Heritage Council has granted €l25,000 for works on the Town Walls including work on the tower on the Dublin Rd. In addition, the Heritage Council has granted €30,000 towards a Public Realm Plan for the town. This plan will look at all open space, footpaths, lighting etc. and anive at a theme, which would dictate the type of materials, layout etc to be used in developments in the future. It is a welcome development and one which recognises the potential of Athenry into the future.

I would like to acknowledge the work of Brid Higgins, Heritage Officer, Galway C0. Co. and Alison Harvey of the Heritage Council, whose work in this area has been invaluable.

N6 Traffic Disruption

The construction of the new N6 has led to major traffic problems around the Athenry Area. The sheer weight of numbers and loads has done considerable damage to the local roads system and, together with wet roads, mud and stones, has made life a misery for those living and driving along the routes.

Despite numerous contacts with N6 Construction, the NRA and the local Co. Co. offices, the problems continue and while they recognise the nuisance and possible dangers they say there are no alternative routes and that the work must continue.

However, having pressed the parties involved for a number of months, they have now responded to me and put in place funding, which will be used to repair the roads in question on an ongoing basis. The roads from Ballygurrane to Coshla and at Farnablake are particularly badly affected. This is small consolation for residents of the areas but at least the road surface will now be maintained to some extent.

Public Lighting and Road Signs

Extra Public lights have been erected at the entrance to Caheroyan Drive and at Swangate. Further lights are being considered for the Raheen Rd / Ard Aoibhinn area, which has power and ducting in

place but needs further resources to put poles and lights in position.

“Stop” signs have been put in place at the exits of Lambert Court and Dun Ri estates. These junctions are directly opposite one another and, as such, posed a serious traffic hazard without such signs, which should have been put in place by the estate developers at construction.

Aware of residents’ concerns I requested the signs as a matter of urgency and they were put in place recently by the County Council.

This Article was first publisned in East Galway News and Views, March / April, 2008

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Written by Peter Feeney

Published here 19 Apr 2024 and originally published March / April 2008

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