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Backlawn Car Park to get Go- Ahead

Planning permission for the Backlawn Car Park looks certain to be granted by my colleagues and I at the July 1st Meeting of the County Council. This will allow work to begin immediately on the car park, which will provide 146 spaces including 7 disabled spaces.

This will be the end of a long campaign by a number of us, especially the Community Council, who identified this site as ideal for a car park about 10 years ago and worked since to get this result. It will serve two important functions. Firstly, this number of long term pay and display spaces, so close to the centre of the town, will be a great boost to people who work in the town and who can now park at low cost and for people who wish to do business in the town and, secondly for patrons of Kenny Park on match days who now have the alternative to parking on the street. In addition, the 7 disabled spaces in the car park will give much needed space for wheelchair users who regularly attend matches.

The entrance to the car park will be beside the Ball-alley and work should be completed by early autumn.

Planned Improvements for Bridges

I am pleased to write that following strong representations by me to the Roads Department of Galway Co. Co. and following negotiations between the Roads Department and Iarnród Éireann plans are now being drawn up to make the major safety improvements to the Ennis Bridge, on the Galway Road at Prospect and the Monivea Road Bridge.

I expect these improvements will greatly improve pedestrian safety but we will have to wait until the final plans are released to see the final nature of the works proposed. The approaches to the Ennis Bridge in particular have deteriorated to a shocking degree as a result of extra heavy traffic due to the M6 construction.

The lack of a footpath on the Monivea Road Bridge has meant it is almost impossible to access the town on foot and there have been many “near misses” there over the years.

I will continue to ensure the best possible design for the work at these locations. The success of the Tuam Road bridge improvements shows what can be achieved.

M6 Construction

As a Public Representative I am totally frustrated by the lack of response to complaints from all concerned on the construction of the new M6. I have been making representations for months to both the road contractors [N6 Concession] and the NRA and while there is a lot of talk in response there is very little action. We deserve better, especially residents in the area, but all we have got is continued aggressive behaviour from lorry drivers and the deaf ear from the road builders. It looks as if they are determined to push ahead on their terms no matter what local feeling is.

I am determined to ensure a complete reconstruction of the roads destroyed during the project and I think we would all welcome a strong Road Safety campaign by the authorities over the next few months until the worst of the traffic is over.

This Article was first published in East Galway News and Views, August 2008

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