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Progress on Tower Refurbishment

I recently supervised the opening of tenders for work to stabilize and conserve the tower in Fahys Centra car park. The work will be funded by the Heritage Council and Galway County Council and is part of the on-going commitment to improve the state of the Town Walls. I would like to thank the landowners affected by the work for their ongoing generous co-operation.

Ennis Bridge Replacement in September

Work on a new bridge to replace the Ennis Bridge will take place over the last 2 weekends in September i.e. from Friday 18th to Monday 21st and Friday 25th to Monday 28th. The work consists of the construction of a new bridge, new deck and resurfacing of the finished bridge. The present bridge has suffered major damage over the last 2 years and is now completely unsuited to present day traffic. The work will also improve the security of adjacent properties which has suffered from heavy traffic over the years.

The roads will be closed on those weekends to facilitate the work and access will have to be from the N6 at Craughwell, though I expect, the Mulpit / Lodge cross roads will be in use for traffics from Derrydonnell. Traffic from Coshla will be able to use the new link road at Prospect.

Raheen Link Road Nears Completion

The much-awaited Raheen Link Road is very near completion and will open in the next couple of weeks. In order to get sufficient vision at the Raheen end the walls on both sides have had to be moved back. This will allow a footpath on both sides of the junction.

Flooding Relief at Ballygurrane

Work has been completed on a persistent flooding problem at Ballygurrane. The flood near the entrance to the Raheen Woods Hotel has been relieved by the construction of soak pits on both sides of the road. I allocated funding towards this work which will improve road safety and pedestrian access in this busy location.

This Article was first published in East Galway News and Views, August / September  2009

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