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Athenry Ring Road

Major Boost for Athenry Ring Road Galway County Council has received a grant of €1 million towards the cost of the Northern Ring Road. This gives a very realistic chance that work will begin in 2010. The funding will bring the project to final design and Tender stage. The Northern Road links the Monivea, Tuam, Raheen and Ballygurrane Roads.

Part of the funding will also complete the Link Road from the Raheen Road to the Ballygurrane Road near the station, which will relieve a lot of traffic issues around the town. These projects were just lines a map until a couple of years ago when I prioritised them with the Council and finance was provided for land acquisition. This gave the schemes a greater chance of funding which has been realised. The planning permission process for the Southern Ring Road has begun and will be completed over the next few months.

Ennis Bridge Improvements

As part of the Western Rail Corridor reopening, the Ennis Bridge is due to be fully refurbished. The bridge has been a traffic hazard for decades and has taken a battering in recent months from the heavy N6 construction Traffic. The work involves replacing the present hump-backed deck with a flat one, some realignment of the bridge itself, improvement of the approach roads and I am working hard to ensure pedestrian access. When the campaign to launch the reopening of the Western Rail Corridor was begun by a number of us as West-on-Track in Mellows College a few years ago, it was hard to envisage the great improvements the initiative would bring. Work will be completed over the next couple of months.

Improvements on Newcastle Road

Following representations from local residents I have allocated funding for works at Cahertubber on the Newcastle Road near Burkes.

There has been a persistent flooding problem at this location and I expect this work to relieve it. The work will cost approximately €3,000 and should be complete in the next couple of months. Part of a culvert on the Newcastle Road at Bengara has collapsed. The damage has meant part of the road has failed and been cordoned off. I have allocated €5,000 towards replacing the culvert and repairing the road.

Road Improvements at Craughwell

Major improvements have taken place at the junction between the N6 and the Killeeneen Road near Craughwell School. This was a dangerous junction and the work has greatly helped its safety. While

the initial work was funded by the National Roads Authority. The completion of the work is being funded by Galway County Council. I have allocated €15,000 towards this very important work following representations from the Board of Management of Craughwell School.

This Article was first published in East Galway News and Views, February / March 2009

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