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Athenry Sewerage Works Contract Signed

I am very pleased to report that Galway County Council has signed contracts with Response Ltd., a major Civil Engineering firm, for work at the Athenry Plant. The work will cost €21.3 million approximately, and should be completed by year end. The measures will increase capacity of the Plant from 3,500 to 6,000 population and get rid of the smells, which have dogged the town in recent times.

Prospect Roundabout – Still no Response

Despite contact on a weekly basis by the County Council Roads Dept., there is still no response to the situation of the half-built roundabout at Prospect from the Minister for the Environment.

The decision on how to proceed with the building of the junction lies with the Minister Mr. John Gormally because it impacts on a National Monument, the Town Wall, part of which was uncovered during the building work.

The Reports and files from the County Council and the developer of the adjacent site have been with the Minister since September 2007 without response, so we are now rapidly approaching the first anniversary of what was supposed to be a very temporary solution.

The increase in traffic due to N6 construction has made the situation much worse and we now have the prospect of holding Farmfest 2008 in Mellows College with up to 20,000 visitors on June 20th and this vital junction and entrance to the town unfinished.

I would call on anyone who has the ear of the Minister to urge him to make a decision on a way forward as soon as possible in order to hasten a solution. The delay is very frustrating for residents of the area and road users alike and cannot continue as it is.

Further Development on Car parks

Galway County Council expects to move its planning application for the Backlawn Car Park immediately with a final decision expected at its July meeting. This will allow work to begin immediately afterwards and the Car park should be ready for use by October.

I expect two applications to be made for the development of two privately operated public carparks in the coming week. These will, if successful, provide approximately 250 spaces on a temporary basis in the town and should bridge the gap until the permanent council car parks are ready. These measures will allow off-street parking and free-up spaces for shoppers and visitors to the town.

Pedestrian Crossing

Athenry has been approved for a pedestrian crossing under disability funding from the County Council. The most likely location is the Tuam Rd. / Monivea Rd. outside the Arch. I will be pressing for further sites going forward, especially at areas like the Credit Union, Gift Centre / Hop Inn and the Post Office.

This Article was first published in East Galway News and Views, June 2008

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