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Sewerage Scheme Update

I am very pleased to be able to give a very positive update on the Remedial Works to the Sewerage Plant. I attended the opening of tenders for the next phase of the work, which is expected to start in late Spring.

This work, by Galway Co. Co. and costing € 1.2 million, involves the increasing of the capacity of the plant to cater for a population equivalent of 6,000, up from the present 3,500. All works will be located at the plant and the result will, I expect, be the; end of the awful smell in the area, which has continued for some time.

Pedestrian Crossings

I have proposed that a number of pedestrian crossings be put in place, especially at the Caheroyan Road / Tuam Road Junction. I expect a favourable reply, and funding may be available under special disabilities funding administered by the County Council.

There is need for a comprehensive system of crossings around the town in order to give pedestrians the propriety and safety they need. I am working to further this plan and I’m hopeful of improved pedestrian facilities into the future.

Tuam Road Bridge

I’m very pleased that work on the Tuam Rd. Bridge has finished. I, along with groups like Athenry Community Council, the local schools and residents’ groups on the Tuam Rd / New line, have campaigned for this for years and it’s good to see a project come to fruition.

The impact on the lives and safety of pedestrians is major and the impact on vehicles hasn’t resulted in the chaos many people thought. The delays are a minor inconvenience when they happen, but are part of life in any urban area.

There are a couple of issues of concern to pedestrians especially parents of children using the new footpath, and they include the need for a railing along the edge of what is quite a high path and a railing on the parapet of the bridge, which is now quite low due to the path being put in place. I will look into the possibility of getting these issues sorted, but at the moment it is a very welcome improvement for users of this very busy bridge.

Focus must now be put on the Monivea Road. Bridge and I have requested that similar funding be put in place for this work. This request has been made to the Council and I expect a favourable response leading hopefully to work being started in 2009.

This Article was first publisned in East Galway News and Views, March / April , 2008


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