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Backlawn Car Park about to start

It is now a couple of years since the council acquired the land beside Kenny Park for the construction of a car park and work is about the start. The car park will have approximately 140 spaces with a number of disabled bays. The opening of this facility in the town will provide long-stay parking which is badly needed at evenings and weekends for match goers. This will alleviate the parking problems for the people of Swangate and Prospect.

It has also been decided by the Environment Section of the council to locate a bottle bank at the car park to replace the one removed from the station. They assure me that this facility will be properly constructed and monitored and will be maintained to the highest level with top quality CCTV.

They have also agreed to locate it at a point on the site as far as possible from the main road.

Traffic Dangers at Cemetery Cross

Since the M6 opened, the priority or right of way at Cemetery Cross has been changed. The closure of the Pound Road as a through road means that traffic is traveling through the crossroad at a much higher speed. The result of this is increased danger to the public and a very unsightly junction at the entrance to the town.

In particular, cars exiting the cemetery gates find it difficult to get across the Craughwell Road in safety due to the increased speed of traffic. The problem has been assessed by the council and a number of solutions are being considered. A traffic audit shows that the majority of vehicles are using the Athenry Craughwell Road rather than the Kiltullagh Road but to change the right of way to the Craughwell Road would mean the Cemetery exit would be impossible to use due to lack of visibility.

Engineers are to get back to me in the coming fortnight with the preferred solution. A roundabout would probably solve all problems but would necessitate land acquisition which can be a long process.

In the meantime the inadequate signage at the cross will have to be improved.

N6 Repairs Continue

About three quarters of the issues regarding the M6 construction have now been resolved with the majority of the remainder well on the way to being tidied up. Local representatives meet with N6 representatives and County Council Engineers on a weekly basis and will continue to do so until all problems are resolved.

Following separate discussions, the N6 team has assured me they will re-surface the Athenry approaches to the motorway.

Road Improvements in Kiltullagh and Craughwell

We recently allocated €135,000 towards reconstruction of two roads at Killariv, Kiltullagh that have been badly damaged by recent heavy traffic and bad weather and are now used as access roads for the M6 at Kiltullagh. Following the flood damage at Craughwell funds have been allocated to repair the surface on the N6 through Craughwell. This work is continuing at present.

Pothole Repairs

We all know the havoc played on our roads by the weather and heavy traffic and most of us have the car repair bills to prove it. The Road’s Department is sticking rigidly to its policy of not paying compensation for damage to cars on the basis that the potholes are caused by weather and normal wear and tear and it is a case of “driver beware”.

This policy angers many people on the basis that they pay their motor tax and fuel tax and are entitled to a decent road. Unfortunately, these taxes like many others now just go into the general government tax fund and we seem to be entitled to very little under any of those headings. So, it’s a case of be very careful when driving and if you come across a pothole report it to me at 087 6812403 or the local council office at 091 844042 or Loughrea office at 091 841536.

We have had a major pothole filling campaign around the area in the past week and the method of repair has improved somewhat, which has led to a reasonable improvement in road surfaces.

This Article was first published in East Galway News and Views, February / March 2010

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