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Repairs to Road Wall at the Abbey

Concerns have been expressed to me about the dangerous state of the road wall in front of the Abbey. Even a casual inspection of the wall shows it is on the point of collapse in at least one area and leaning noticeably outwards along almost all its length.

Initially the tree inside the wall will have to be removed and that section of wall immediately outside it will have to be taken down and rebuilt. The present situation is a hazard for both pedestrians and cars parked outside the section of wall.

Footpath Improvements

€50,000 has been allocated to continue the improvement in footpaths around Athenry. This will be used to complete the path at Ard

Aoibhinn to the level crossing and some further improvements at Caheroyan Road continuing from the area opposite the Vocational School towards Caheroyan Avenue which is in a very poor state at present.

Footpaths on the Railway Bridges – – the latest report.

The long running need for a safe passage for pedestrians over the Tuam Road and the Monivea Road bridges is finally drawing to a conclusion. Design work is at an advanced stage according to the Galway County Council Roads department and the financing of the proposal will be sourced from the Development Contributions Scheme levied on new construction within the town.

I will maintain pressure on the Roads Section until the work is finished and l’m confident that will be in the short tenn. The present situation is completely unacceptable and has been for years. Work will begin with the Tuam Road bridge and will then proceed to the Monivea Road which, because of the bend on the top of the bridge, is just as hazardous.

Knockaunglas Carpark

It was expected that work to transform the old OPW site beside the Boy’s School into a carpark would have begun by now, but this has been delayed due to the requirement that an Archaeologists Report is completed on the site.

This unfortunately meant that tenders had to be invited for the task resulting in a delay. I understand from my enquiries that work on this report will begin very soon and then the carpark development can continue. This will provide about 30 long term spaces plus a drop-off area for the school.

It is a disappointment that this piece of public land could remain virtually unused for decades at a time when the severe traffic problems and dangerous conditions for schoolchildren were occurring next door. I am now confident that this situation will no longer continue and the town will gain a valuable new amenity.

Water quality in Athenry

The Boil Notice remains in force in Athenry town and those areas served by the Tuam Regional Water Scheme. This is an extremely worrying and inconvenient state of affairs on the run-in to Summer. The news is fairly hopeful in the medium term as tests on the water coming from the Luimnagh Pumping Station which feeds Athenry are encouraging. The Boil Notice cannot be lifted until the water tests are safe and there is a major drop in the number of cryptosporidium infected illnesses in the catchment area of Lough Corrib. There are still quite a substantial number of new cases occurring.

Cllr. Peter Feeney – 087 — 6812403

This Article was first published in East Galway News and Views, May 2007

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