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Carpark at Swangate

Work will begin next week on the new car park beside the GAA pitch at Swangate. There has been a delay due to discussions regarding the location on the entrance, which will now be closer to the

town than originally planned. This will be a long term car park with approximately 140 spaces and will be an important improvement in traffic management in the town, especially at match times at Kenny Park.

Flooding Relief at Moanbaun and Ballygurrane

Work has been completed on flooding relief at Moanbaun on the Carnaun Road just past the soccer pitch. Recent heavy rain has tested the work which proved very successful. I allocated € 14,000 towards the cost of the work, which includes re-surfacing the stretch of road in question.

I have also allocated funding towards flood relief at Ballygurrane close to the entrance to the Raheen Woods Hotel which has been impassable at times recently. This work will be completed over the summer.

Raheen Link Road

The final touches are being completed on the Raheen Link Road connecting Ballygurrane and Raheen. All that remains to be done is the improvements to sight lines at the Raheen end which involves the setting back of the walls there. This is a vital piece of local infrastructure which gives options to traffic around the town.


The state of the roads, especially the N6 haul routes, is deplorable at the moment. Any measures taken to repair sections of the road are never enough and major damage to tyres and suspensions is still happening. N6 Construction is putting extra repair teams on the job in the run up to finishing the major haulage. It is just about a case of better late than never. On a more positive note, if there is one to this story, following meeting with the NRA the Council has been given a significant allocation of funding to resurface the roads affected at the end of haulage for the N6. This whole episode has been a very sorry one for local residents and motorists.

Wind Energy Jobs

Congratulations must go to C & F Tooling on its recent announcement of 250 new jobs in the manufacturing of wind turbines at a newly constructed facility at their plant at Coshla.

In such economic times it is great to see someone like John Flaherty using his expertise and experience to develop a whole new industry which has a very bright future. This announcement has national significance because of its nature and size and it brings the latest technology into play which will deliver a smaller yet more efficient and cost-effective turbine.

I am pleased at C & F’s continued commitment to Athenry and I was happy to be of help in the planning stages of this new facility which will make us a centre of renewable energy technology.

This article was first published in the East Galway News and Views – May/ June 2009

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