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Ring Road to Begin in June

Work will begin on the Northern Ring Road in June. This follows the allocation of €1.5 million towards the project. The work schedule has been agreed in the last week and will be undertaken by Galway County Council and Sub-Contractors.

This stage of the Ring Road will link the Tuam Road and Moanbaun Road.

Backlawn Car Park

Work on the Backlawn Car Park will also start in June and will deliver 140 spaces and a Bottle Bank Facility.

Prospect Roundabout

There has been no response from the Minister for the Environment on the future of the roundabout at Prospect.

Major Heritage Funding for Town Walls

The Heritage Council has allocated €110,000 towards work on the Town Walls in 2010. The successful project was submitted by Galway County Council and involves the refurbishment of the Wall between the South East Tower on the Dublin Road at the Arrabawn Compound and the Priory. The wall will be stabilised, rebuilt where necessary and ivy will be removed.

The latest phase of the repair of the Town Walls was on the Tower at the Presentation Convent which has recently stabilised and refurbished.

This Article was first published in East Galway News and Views, April / May 2010

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