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Prospect Roundabout-Latest Episode

We’re now facing into the second winter with a temporary roundabout at Prospect. We also have a half finished green area, drains and gullies, which are ineffective and a danger to traffic and last but not least a deteriorating portion of a National Monument half covered by a sheet of plastic. However, there is movement (no progress but some movement!).

Recently, the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, who has final say on the future of the junction, requested Galway County Council to submit a plan for traffic lights for the area. It would seem that the Department now favours lights rather than the original roundabout. No final decision has yet been made.

Wall and Footpath improvement at Prospect

The local Community Employment Scheme in conjunction with Galway County Council have developed a plan for the replacement of the wall leading from the Swangate junction towards the new development near Joyces on the Town Wall side of the road i.e. the wall opposite the Mart.

Thanks to the very generous agreement from Frank and Mary Curran, it is now proposed to replace the wall and allow room for a footpath as well using the FÁS / CES Scheme. Galway Co. Co. has agreed to provide the footpath at this location. The work will improve the links between the shopping centre and the town and improve the view of the Town Wall and approach to the town.

Junction improvements at Derrydonnell

Following representations, the Oranmore engineering office of Galway Co. Co. has agreed to undertake some improvements at the Derrydonnell junction. The grass margin at the approach to the T junction, which has led to a dangerous situation at the road edge will now be filled with gravel to road level making it far safer for traffic.

I have asked for a slip road to be built to facilitate traffic turning left towards Craughwell but the National Roads Authority has, on a number of occasions, refused on the grounds of road safety. I will continue to pursue these requests, especially in the context of the new N6 taking much of the traffic off the existing Dublin Road.

Ennis Bridge

I have asked the Roads Section to continue their efforts and negotiations with Iarnród Eireann regarding the badly needed improvements at the Ennis Bridge at Prospect, which is being demolished piece by piece by the huge volume of heavy traffic using it and meeting on it. Good progress is being made in these discussions and I’m confident a major refurbishment is imminent.

Link Road at Raheen

By the time you read this, I expect work will have begun on the link road from Byrne Mech to Raheen. This work is long overdue but met with local delays. It is a vital piece of local infrastructure for which the whole Community has waited too long.

NRA Meeting

I will lead a County Council delegation to meet senior NRA Management at their headquarters in Dublin on Nov 5 to express our anger and disappointment at the treatment of local communities by the N6 Construction Company. The delegation will include senior Co. Co. officials and Councillors and was requested as a result of the major damage and nuisance caused to property and roads since the project began.

This Article was first published in East Galway News and Views, November 2008


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