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Pay and Display

The Roads department of the County Council has decided to introduce Pay and Display parking this week in Athenry. As most readers will know the machines were installed about 2 years ago but due to the absence of a long-term car park I asked them to delay its introduction.

Due to the recent decision to bring forward the building of a car park at the Backlawn (which will start soon) and the decision by two private operators to open car parks at Cross St. and Caheroyan Road, which will cater for parking in the meantime, the Roads Department have now acted.

On street parking, which has become almost impossible to find, will now be much more available as the maximum stay will be 2 hours, thus ensuring a regular turnover of cars. It will be possible to park for 15 minutes for 20 cents, which will suit many shoppers.

There has been concern among day parkers at the apparent lack of spaces but, in the last few days, the Cross St. car park (opposite the Newpark Hotel) has made spaces available at a daily rate.

Athenry is the fourth town in the county to have Pay and Display and Gort will follow in a couple of weeks. Part of the funds raised will be spent in improvements around the town. No one likes to pay for parking but we all like to get a space when we need one.

Unfortunately, that means that we have to pay and if it helps traffic and business in Athenry then that’s some compensation.

Church Car Park

As part of the Pay and Display scheme, a lease has been agreed between the Athenry Parish Finance Committee and the County Council for the Church Car Park. This will ensure that the car park will be a short term one (maximum stay 2 hours) and as a result will not be filled by train commuters all day. Flexibility has been agreed around Church Services, which means that church goers can park for daily Mass, funerals and weddings for a reasonable length of time without paying.

Raheen Link Road

Work is about to commence on the final section of the long awaited Raheen link road from the Byrne-Mech road across to the Ballygurrane Rd., where the new housing estate is located. This will be an invaluable road allowing traffic to access the town from the Cashla / Castle Lambert direction without going over the Ennis Bridge and through the town. It will also allow traffic from the Tuam Road / Raheen Road area access the Raheen Woods Hotel and the Galway Road without going through the town.

At Mondays Council meeting we approved a request for €l00,000 towards the cost, which l expect will be granted by the Department of Transport. I’m delighted that this road is finally a reality after almost a 20 year wait.

Flooding at Clarin Crescent and Park Road

Flood relief work continues at the entrance to Clarin Crescent, which has suffered greatly in the recent heavy rain. The Council has allocated approximately €25,000 towards the work followingrepresentations to me from local residents. I hope this solves the problem, which has proved very difficult over the last number of years.

As part of the reconstruction work just completed on the Tuam Road at Park the flooding which occurred there regularly has been relieved.

There are other locations around the area notably at Kingsland, Gortnahown, Raheen and Ballygurrane near the level crossing, which need attention and I expect some movement on some of these in the coming weeks.

This Article was first published in East Galway News and Views, October 2008

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