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River Cleaning Project Continues

Last November’s major floods exposed the urgent need for a programme of cleaning the Clarin River channel and the removal of trees and bushes impeding the water flow.

Very soon after the flood, in consultation with householders and landowners, a number of proposals were put forward and agreed between the County Council and the Office of Public Works. These proposals eventually were broadened to cover a complete plan of channel maintenance from Clarinbridge to east of Athenry at Bengarra.

The vast bulk of this work has now been completed as a result of funding being provided by the OPW and Galway County Council. Over the past month there were up to 9 excavators working along the river at any one time.

I was present at the river on most days over the past month and I would like to thank the landowners concerned who were very accommodating despite the disruption. Great credit too must go to the local County Council staff under Christy Mannion who worked long hours in mixed weather to get the work, begun on September 1st, complete before the October 1st deadline.

M6 Access Road to Town Re-laid

One of the few disappointments with the M6 motorway project was the finish to the Athenry access road, which turned into a river of tar during the hot days of summer. Thankfully, following representations to the motorway company, work is well under way to sort out the problem. The tar and chip surface has now been planed away on the roundabouts and sections of the road and is being replaced with a much more acceptable Tarmac finish, which will give a far better surface for driving and a far better impression of the town to visitors using the motorway.

The last major problem is the upkeep, or rather lack of upkeep, of the roadside verges along the new access road. It is very important that this issue be tackled so that the town approaches will be a source of pride in 2011.

The IDA Link Road

I have been asked on a number of occasions as to when the newly completed link road from the motorway roundabout to Newford will be opened. This road is signposted “Derrydonnell” on the access road and, when open, will serve much of the north of the town and will eventually be the connection to the new Ring Road now under construction. I am told that the road will officially be taken in charge by the County Council in October and opened soon afterwards. The road was funded by the IDA as part of their major investment in their 240 acre site. It will effectively be a second entrance from the motorway and will improve Athenry’s potential for investment.

Flooding At Kingsland

The residents of Kingsland, Gloves, Carnakelly, Esker and Attymon will be pleased that work is about to start on the section of road at Kingsland which has been the site of very severe flooding over a number of years. Many cars have been damaged at this spot and on a number of occasions the road has been completely blocked and the Fire Service have had to pump the water away on a regular basis.

The work involved in solving this flood is substantial. A 130 metre section of road will be raised and re-surfaced and a series of gullies will lead to a soak pit in adjacent land.

This work would not be possible without the agreement and co-operation of the landowners in question – the Lally family who are very anxious to have the problem solved and I would like to thank them on behalf of the Community for their help and co-operation.

This Article was first published in East Galway News and Views, September / October  2010

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